Perla class of 2015 *Bay area high school senior photographer * senior photographer sonoma co

Perla goes to Cloverdale high, the same High School I attended!. Today was the first time I met her but in reality knows my entire family: my nieces, siblings and her mom is my nephew’s Grandmother (I had no idea) . Perla is very busy this Summer. She has a job and a boyfriend. I am glad she had time to pose for me!








Riley~ class of 2013~

Gorgeous and those eyes!. She is an athlete from CHS and plays most sports. BTW I take a lot of vertical photos lately  because most Yearbook photos have to be vertical.

Maricarmen Class of 2013

This busy young lady has a job and goes to school..lovely, hardworking Maricarmen she is a Senior from Santa Rosa high and a local of Santa Rosa.

Jessica ~ and the vintage dress~

Seventeen year old beautiful Jessica was perfect for this dress and I also found a doll haha!. First we went to the park and then to the graveyard where she posed with the dress and doll. It was fun 😀
Locations: Santa Rosa Rural Cemetery, Franklin park

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Senior model: Lorena

Lorena goes to Cloverdale High and she does modeling for local stores in the area. She was so much fun and so easy to work with. What a smart and beautiful girl.
Many people ask me about this particular location. This tunnel is located at Cloverdale ca, near downtown by the graveyard. Is very easy to find. If you have any questions about how to get there is ok to mail me :D.

Libby: Class of 2013

After this session, Libby sent me an email telling me that I am “amazingly talented”. How sweet is that!. Libby is a Senior from Cloverdale High School and she loves photography. Visiting Cloverdale, meeting Libby in person and taking her photos that is my idea of fun.

Niambi’s lights.

NIAMBI what a beautiful name and girl. She is the daughter of a client and we have been talking for a while about her portraits. We finally met and let me tell you, this girl never wanted to stop posing. We went for a drive to Petaluma Hill Road and found four gorgeous locations. Two of the locations are private and we had to ask permission but it was worth it.

My background: Rohnert Park ca. I love this road.