Natalie: class of 2014

Sweet and beautiful Natalie goes to SRHS. I can’t believe how many poses we tried for this session lol it was fun but she was sore at the end of the session. Natalie has a 15 year old sister and a little brother and she lives with dad. I love her long dark hair and she has a really nice personality.





Pedro is a fun teenager from San Francisco ca. I wanted to do his session near the Golden Gate but my schedule was crazy so he visited me here and we had blast. He is really nice and so handsome.

Niambi’s lights.

NIAMBI what a beautiful name and girl. She is the daughter of a client and we have been talking for a while about her portraits. We finally met and let me tell you, this girl never wanted to stop posing. We went for a drive to Petaluma Hill Road and found four gorgeous locations. Two of the locations are private and we had to ask permission but it was worth it.

My background: Rohnert Park ca. I love this road.