Prom Cloverdale high ~Sonoma co Prom Photographer~

fbchsproml1-16fbchsproml1-19fbchsproml1-22chsproml1-23fbchsproml1-38fbchsproml1-39fbchsproml1-50fbchspromb20fb2chsproml1-8fb3chsproml1-12fbchsproml1-12fbchsproml1-24fbchsproml1-32fbchsproml1-35chspromb18This prom group was a blast. We couldn’t stop laughing. I already did Senior photos for some of the girls.

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Piner High Prom class of 2015 ~ Santa Rosa ca prom photographer~

This group was a blast. I love photographing big groups of kids.

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Joselyn & Matthew’s 2014 prom *santa rosa ca photographer* high school senior photographer*

It was Prom 2014 last night and I took my clients to a more private location. It was 5pm when I took these photos, right before their dinner date. Both gorgeous and fun.