Dalia Class of 2015 *santa rosa ca senior photographer *high school photographer* bay area high school photographer

Dalia is my niece. She is a professional dancer and she is been dancing since she was 7 years old. When I asked her to describe herself she pretty much described me lol: she is very artistic and creative, she can be alone or be with a big group of people, depending on her mood. Besides dancing, she loves shopping and listening to music. She enjoys Foreign films and likes to do things with her hands like the flower arrangement she is wearing for the photos. The session was done in Downtown Sacramento where my sister lives. How nice is to walk 2 blocks and find Capital Garden!?










Lizeth: Class of 2013 {Calistoga High beauty}

This is Lizeth from Calistoga High . She wanted a double session with her BBF Selene and the session took place in Downtown Santa Rosa. Both girls are so tall and fun and Sunday is a quiet day and the light was gorgeous as usual.


Brooke at the Round Barn

I always wanted to use this location but I was not sure how exactly to get inside there until I saw another photographer’s photo and asked her. I love having teen photographer friends from the area that know about cool locations :D. It was my first time there and since Brooke and I live close and it was perfect.

The Round Barn is historical in Santa Rosa ca: It was founded by Thomas Lake Harris around 1875. Built near the end of the 19th century, it was part of the Fountaingrove winery owned by Harris’s protege, Kanawe Nagasawa, who reportedly designed the structure.

I also experimented with the “Brenzier Method” for the first time, creating a panorama with 4 stitched photos.

Mary’s mustard field.

I have been looking for a location like this for a few days, and I found it on Sunday when I went for a drive with a friend to Sebastopol ca. I was looking for a field that did not have a fence and this was it!. I knew this was going to be the place where I was going to pose my next client. My photographer friends on line asked me where did I find something so cool. I tell told that the outsides of the city is covered with fields like this right, now but the challenge is to find a field that does not have a fence. It was raining the day before and the floor was so wet. Mary was going to wear her nice shoes but I told her to keep her Uggs on. I was actually fun to walk into this wet gorgeous field~ Anyways it is a gorgeous place I can’t wait to go back.

Amber at Spring Lake

This is the popular Howard Park/Spring Lake at Santa Rosa ca and this is where I met with my Senior girl. Her name is Amber and she has a beautiful sister Tiana who is the same age and who I also photographed.