Tracy class of 2015

My first session this year was with Tracy from SRHS. This Winter session was done at Kendall Jackson winery. The day was coudy because it had been raining the day before.





Eden Class of 2015

This year I am very busy for the fist time I started doing Newborns and I am blessed I am booked with maternity sessions. Senior photos will always have be my favorite sessions tho. Eden is such an angel. The color of her skin and her smile remaind me of certain Hollywood stars. She is such a doll. fbeden53


Andy class of 2015

Andy goes to Geyserville High. She is one of the few students I have worked with from that specific school but I am looking forward to meeting more students from the area. It was a November, Fall day. In ca, we have short Falls and Winters and very long Summers and sunny days. November is when the Fall is just starting. I used a location that is close to where I live. For some reason I am in love with this specific street, specially during Fall. One day I hope to own a house here.