La luz de Luz Class of 2013

Las luz natural de las fotos de Luz  estaba tan hermosa ese dia. El edificion viejo y destruido fue el perfecto background para sus fotos. Reimos tanto porque su mama nos hacia reir. Que divertido dia y linda familia.

Luz’s natural light that day was perfect and the background is an old, destroyed building was perfect. We had a blast and we kept on laughing because Luz’ mom is so funny and she made us laugh. Luz goes to Elsie Allen High School. Yay my first Senior from Elsie. How exciting.


Karina: Class of 2013


Karina posed for me the last day of her Summer vacation. I had a lot of fun and we also got to go to visit this old building for a few minutes.   Her mom was so excited to be part of this too!.   I did got a few photos of her with her handsome cousin 😀


I always go here by Santa Rosa Creek. Igo for a walk or just to find a place where to pose my clients and models. This time I wanted to get into the patio of a fancy hotel and the road leads me to this! . I can’t believe I have been walking this road so many times and I just now find this !! I can’t wait to pose my Senior client here.