Mercedes’s props

Mercedes is a beautiful 17 year old Senior from Windsor High . Before the session, we did talk a few times and I asked her if she had any red and blue clothe items because I recently purchased a vintage typewriter and a vintage red case that I wanted to use. Mercedes’ mom helped us posing while I directed her towards the right background. The field this time was not wet and my shoes did not get as dirty and I was prepared wearing old Ugg boots.

Mercedes es una chica muy linda y amable. Conversamos varias veces antes de estas fotos y le dije que usara ropa de color rojo y azul porque mis props so de ese color. Hace poco habia comprado una maquina de escribir azul y una maleta roja y los queria usar. Me diverti mucho porque algo asi tan natural como este campo me hace feliz.



Mary’s mustard field.

I have been looking for a location like this for a few days, and I found it on Sunday when I went for a drive with a friend to Sebastopol ca. I was looking for a field that did not have a fence and this was it!. I knew this was going to be the place where I was going to pose my next client. My photographer friends on line asked me where did I find something so cool. I tell told that the outsides of the city is covered with fields like this right, now but the challenge is to find a field that does not have a fence. It was raining the day before and the floor was so wet. Mary was going to wear her nice shoes but I told her to keep her Uggs on. I was actually fun to walk into this wet gorgeous field~ Anyways it is a gorgeous place I can’t wait to go back.